7 Signs that You Need to Get New Prescription Glasses

We understand how difficult it is for you to get rid of your old prescription glasses. You’ve grown to be quite fond of your eyeglasses, and it’s more like a part of your personality. Everyone around you knows you with that particular pair of glasses.

Nonetheless, that time will come when you must let go of your beloved prescription glasses for a new one. Yes, it’ll be challenging, but you’ll start seeing telltale signs that your old glasses aren’t doing their job.

Even if these signs are yet to start surfacing, once you have used a prescription glass for two years, you need to start considering getting new pairs. In this piece, we’ll focus on the signs you will see when your old prescription glasses is due for immediate replacement.

Common Signs that You Need New Prescription Glasses

The common question among most people is how they will know they need new glasses, even without an eye examination.

If you think you and your current prescription glasses are inseparable, maybe you should consider eyeglass lens replacement. To know more about eyeglass lens replacement, click here. Nonetheless, here are the seven signs to look out for;

1. You Are Experiencing Blurry Vision

Once your vision becomes blurry, you must update your prescription glasses as the current one isn’t doing its job optimally. Blurry vision means you can no longer see the texts in your favorite newspaper clearly.

Blurry vision will manifest itself when you are trying to read or write, look at your smartphone, or when driving an automobile. Once you do any activity requiring clear vision and struggle, you need new prescription glasses.

2. You Are Having Constant Headaches

Once your prescription glasses are outdated, you will start straining your eyes, leading to headaches. If you are unusually having headaches, it may be due to your prescription glasses.

Headaches can indicate that you need new eyeglasses, especially if you are also experiencing fatigue and eye strain. Before starting medications for migraine or headaches, you might want to check your eyes.

3. There’s Damage To Your Lens

A loose bolt in your eyeglass frame might not hinder you from seeing clearly, but you will start struggling with your vision if there’s a dinge or scratches on your lens.

It does not matter if the scuffs, dings, or scratches are hideous; they will affect your vision once they are there. Immediately you notice scratches or dings on your prescription glasses; you need to start considering replacements.

4. You Find Yourself Squinting

There’s no need for squinting if your prescription glasses do their job correctly. You are squinting to be able to focus and reduce the impact of light entering your eyes. By squinting, you are stressing your eye muscles and weakening your vision.

Once you are squinting through your prescription glasses, that’s a sign that you need replacements.

5. Distorted and Double Vision

For many reasons, you can start experiencing double and distorted visions. Immediately you notice any form of distortion in your vision, schedule a visit to your eye doctor.

While you might have strabismus, it can also be a more severe issue like keratoconus. Regardless, part of your treatment for double vision would be a new pair of glasses, one with more prismatic power to help correct eye alignment issues.

6. Seeing Halos Around Light

As simple as this sound, it’s a sign that you need new prescription glasses. What happens is that your eyes cannot focus as they should, as light is scattered in your vision.

When you look at lightbulbs, headlights, and other light sources, you see circles around them. That’s a call for you to get your eyes, eyeglasses, and yourself checked. More often than not, your prescription glass is the culprit.

7. Old Glasses

You should get a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year. Using prescription glasses for more than two years without checking your eyes is not ideal. Every prescription glass has an expiry date, but many wearers are oblivious to this.

As the human eyes age, what you need as prescription glasses will also change. It would be best to prioritize annual eye examinations to ascertain whether you need an updated prescription. Do not wait until your vision fails before checking your eyes.

Final Thought

Getting your eyes checked and a new prescription doesn’t take long. Waiting too long to make this decision could harm your eye health. Immediately you start experiencing any of these signs; you should leave everything and get your eyes checked.

An old prescription could undercut your health, productivity, and lifestyle. These can be avoided with new prescription glasses. Book an appointment with your eye doctor immediately, and get a new prescription if you are experiencing any of these signs.