How To Improve Your Jeeps Traction in the Snow

Off-roading goes with the word Jeep like peanut butter goes with jelly. Because Jeep consistently outfits its 4x4s with the best technology, like powerful stock drivetrains, these vehicles are effectively designed to move around in unforgiving, uneven environments. Whether you’re talking about strong 8×6.5 wheels that handle all the weight of your vehicle and provide stabilization over rough terrain or a lift kit to help you navigate the most challenging uneven landscapes, Jeep has the market cornered when it comes to off-roading. However, there are things that operators can do to improve their Jeeps’ traction in the snow, whether you’re going off-road or just into town. 

Utilize a Lift Kit

One of the signature reasons for installing a lift kit is to obtain more ground clearance. One of the biggest benefits of a greater degree of ground clearance is that it helps to protect everything that sits beneath the cab, including the engine and the drivetrain. A lift kit keeps all of the mechanical and body parts from getting damaged when the road gets rough. In the winter, a lift kit keeps these valuable elements of your Jeep from plowing through snow and ice. 

All-terrain Tires

Installing 33″ tires will give your Jeep a boost. These tires on 15-inch rims make a great combination because they give the Jeep both flexibility and control, which are both vital to off-roading. All-terrain tires are designed to handle most weather conditions when driving on highways and other paved roads, gravel roads and light off-roading, including light snow. They’re designed to provide traction, comfort and control in less-than-ideal conditions. 

It’s important to mention that for serious off-roaders, all-terrain tires aren’t the best choice for the kind of excursion that will see them in extremely rugged terrain or deep snow. A good set of off-road tires are designed to carry the vehicle over rocks, through mud, sand or snow because they have specially designed tread patterns and the grooves between the blocks are broader. These tires are also rated for freezing conditions, so the rubber remains pliable.

Tire Manipulation

Even off-road tires can sometimes be altered by the driver for better performance in the snow. Airing down your tires can be an effective way to increase the amount of traction and displacement that the vehicle has in snowy and icy conditions. Some drivers insist that by reducing the amount of air in their tires, more surface area of the tire will touch the ground. Others, though, will tell you that tire manipulation might be the best way to go because it can adversely affect performance. Your best bet is to refer to your owner’s manual because the genius Jeep manufacturers have surely thought to include such information.

Jeeps come out of the factory as impressive machines that are tough and durable and ready to attack the hinterlands. However, drivers that invest in things like lift kits, tire type and weight as important elements in improving their Jeep’s traction in the snow. There’s a pretty even balance between sound knowledge of winter driving born of experience and the best parts and accessories you can get your hands on. Visit an auto parts store to get what you need to improve your Jeep’s performance in the snow and drive safer and more efficiently tomorrow.