Botox vs Xeomin: The Differences Explained

Did you know that there were over 4.4 million Botox procedures performed in the United States in 2020? Perhaps you are also looking for a procedure to lessen the lines and wrinkles on your face.

Do you want to restore your confidence and a youthful appearance? If so, then you need to consider getting Botox or Xeomin.

While both options deliver similar results, we recommend considering Botox injections simply because it contains fewer ingredients. To learn more about the differences between Botox vs Xeomin, keep reading.

What is Botox?

Botox is a refined form of the toxic bacterial substance known as botulinum toxin and is typically injected directly into the skin to smooth facial wrinkles.

This results in a purer form of the botulinum toxin that can cause fewer side effects, such as the formation of antibodies that can sometimes occur with it.

It is derived from botulinum toxin type A, which is a neurotoxin that’s produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This is most commonly used in aesthetic treatments for getting rid of wrinkles and aging signs. Ultimately, check Botox at Integrated Aesthetics for more information.

What is Xeomin?

Xeomin is an injectable wrinkle treatment used to reduce wrinkles and frown lines. It contains botulinum toxin type A, which is considered “clean” and has less risk of immune reactions. The chemical composition and effect of Xeomin does not contain complex proteins.

Additionally, Xeomin has been found to last up to three. It can see as soon its effects as three days after injection. Xeomin is often preferred as the effects may be more cost-effective as well as being seen quicker.

Botox vs Xeomin: The Differences

Botox and Xeomin are both neurotoxins used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face with neuromodulator injection treatments. While the two are typically used to treat wrinkles in the same areas, there are some slight differences between them. Botox is a Botulinum toxin produced by Allergan, while Xeomin is a newer injectable produced by Merz Pharma.

Botox is a combination of multiple toxins, while Xeomin is a more purified form of Botulinum toxin A.It can last for a few months, while Xeomin can last longer. Additionally, It requires a pre-treatment heating process to break down the molecules, whereas Xeomin does not require any heat.

Ultimately, which one to use is based on personal experience and the needs of the patient. Because both products have the same effect, it often comes down to cost and referral info from peers.

Potential Side Effects and Risks of Both

In terms of potential side effects and risks, both Botox and Xeomin produce similar effects. The most common side effects are the temporary drooping of the eyelids, nausea, and headaches.

Other risks, such as the spread of unwanted muscle relaxation beyond the injection site and skin infections, are rare. Factors such as the patient’s skin sensitivity, past use of injections, and dose amount can all influence the chances of experiencing side effects or risks.

Botox vs Xeomin You Must Know

Botox vs Xeomin are both excellent choices for individuals seeking wrinkle reduction. In summary, It is one of the more widely used and generally accepted treatments.

It is a more powerful muscle relaxer, but Xeomin is a newer product with fewer proteins that may be less allergenic. When deciding between the two, it is important to talk to your doctor about both options to find the best fit for your skin.

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