Egyptian Symbols In Gaming: Which Online Games Use Egyptian Symbology

If you love playing online slots, then you’ve probably noticed that many of the popular slots online now have Egyptian symbols. It’s like we are entering the world of pharaohs once again, especially in the virtual world of casino games.

But what’s the purpose of Egyptian symbols in casino games? Do they have some mythical background or it is purely cosmetic?

Well, the answer is a combination of things. First of all, when most people think about the Egyptian kingdom and pharaohs, they usually connect that timeline with wealth, prosperity, and of course, gold. 

According to ancient history, the resting places of some of the biggest leaders and pharaohs in Egypt were stuffed with gold, which was their way of making sure that they had a good and wealthy afterlife.

So, right off the bat, this theme is perfect for casino games, since they are always centered around money.

Another thing about Egyptian symbols is that they sprinkle a bit of mystery and treasure hunting into the whole experience. Egyptian history has always mesmerized not just archeology fans, but also regular people. Just look at the Pyramids in Giza. They still don’t have a rock-solid explanation of how they’ve built these megalithic structures.

All of these things combined to hand out an unbelievable experience and let players travel back in time to Egypt.

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Let’s learn more about Egyptian symbols in casino games and highlight some of the most popular ones you should try right away.

Ancient Egypt Symbols In Slots

There is something about Egyptian symbols that always fascinated people. But what’s their secret? Well, it’s simple. They’ve always represented a civilization that we don’t know much about, apart from that is rich in history, mythology, and culture.

On top of that, there is no doubt that Egyptian symbols are striking. It’s like no other civilization that ever lived on earth. They often carry deep meanings and stories, adding even more mystery.

For example, the ankh symbolizes life, and the scarab beetle represents rebirth. They are packing a lot of meaning, which sometimes game developers capitalize on in the world of online casino games. 

The reason? – To improve the overall user experience. Egyptian symbols are most popular in slot games, and as we know, slot games don’t have much to offer when it comes to mechanics and gameplay. You just hit the spin button and hope for the best.

Therefore, creating a themed slot that spikes up all of your sensors and adds a bit of mystery is a great way to improve the overall experience. 

Now that we know why game developers like to incorporate ancient Egyptian symbols, let’s find out which are the best Egyptian-styled casino games that will allow you to travel back in time.

Popular Online Games Featuring Egyptian Symbols

Cleopatra (IGT)

First, we have Cleopatra, who as you know is the queen of Egyptian-themed slots and one of the most popular choices for gamblers. This game has been around for years and still manages to top up the slots chart and attract most people in any online casino. Why? 

Well, it’s simple. The slot itself has an engaging gameplay, quite interesting symbols and visuals, and of course, we have the queen Cleopatra, who as history tells was one of the most beautiful women on earth.

When it comes to symbols, you get the lot. It features symbols like the Eye of Horus, sphinxes, and scarabs. Of course, these symbols are not purely cosmetic. Some of them have special abilities where they can unlock bonus rounds or increase payouts.

For a game that is years old, we have to agree that it has quite decent graphics and visuals, which is also what makes it so popular among players.

Book of Ra (Novomatic)

If Cleopatra is the queen, then the Book of Ra is the king of Egyptian-themed slots. This slot is named after Ra, who is considered to be the first pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and the god of the sun, order, kinds, and the sky.

Despite carrying such a large name from ancient history, the design of the slot is not centered around Ra. Maybe it has to do something with the rights of use. Instead, the design of the slot is more centered around an Indiana Jones theme, where you go on a full-on explorer mode.

The slot itself is quite interesting to play. It has a scatter and wild symbol, which means that you can unlock bonus rounds and free spins, and you also have a chance to expand symbols across the reels.

Mega Moolah Isis (Microgaming)

Compared to the other two slots, the Mega Moolah Isis slot by Microgaming isn’t on the same level, at least graphically. This slot includes an Egyptian woman, which we assume is Cleopatra (who else?), but despite the engaging gameplay, the visuals don’t cut the cheese. At least for me.

They are a bit cartoonish, and not as striking as the other two we mentioned before.

But despite this, Mega Moolah Isis is quite a popular online progressive slot with 25 paylines

Valley of the Gods (Yggdrasil)

In terms of design and gameplay, this is the best one on this list. Valley of the Gods is a visually stunning game that brings Egyptian mythology to life. 

The game has a unique layout, features quite interesting symbols, and has many different bonus rounds and visual animations that will help you travel back in time to the Kingdom of Egypt.

Fort Knox Cleopatra (IGT)

An exclusive twist on the classic Cleopatra slot, Fort Knox Cleopatra brings a progressive jackpot into the mix. Players can enjoy the same rich Egyptian symbols and Cleopatra bonuses but with the added excitement of the Fort Knox jackpot mechanic​​.