Elopement: your way to create new traditions

Elopement is a great way to celebrate your love without extra people and stress. If you have no idea where you would like to be on that amazing day, check some info about Charleston, SC. This city is extremely popular among the couples who are getting married. Professionals here offer various kinds of Charleston elopement packages, so you do not have to look for each vendor separately. Some packages include services of several vendors, making the preparation easy and convenient for you. 

Below we will describe some advantages and disadvantages of having an elopement. 

Good things about elopement

– It requires less money. Catering and venue rent are the most expensive elements of traditional wedding. No wonder elopement costs less than wedding, as you do not have to feed and entertain thousands of people. Besides, you do not need to approve the menu and think about other people preferences. 

– You can choose any date. No need to wait till your parents and friends deal with their business. The date choosing becomes more flexible. The couple just need to consider their own preferences and workload. 

– Every location is suitable for elopement. Well, almost. By this we mean you do not have to choose a special wedding venue. You can elope everywhere you like. Spacious public park is good for elopement ceremony, as well as beach or old mansion. Some places are full of wonderful locations. The above-mentioned Charleston has all sorts of locations you may like. Charleston elopement packages includethe services of photographer who knows the area very well. Depending on your ideas, you can get recommendations of the most beautiful locations. 

– The style depends on you only. Whatever comes to you mind when you think about you elopement day can come true. Other people opinions will not distract you from what you want.

– No extra vendors. Although you still need an officiant and photographer, the list of vendors is tiny. In fact, you do not have to involve any other vendor except the mentioned ones. It also has a positive effect on the amount of money you will spend on your elopement.

Something sad 

– Negative reactions. Some of your friends or relatives can be really upset due to the fact they will not be involved in your wedding. Prepare to have a gentle conversation with your closest friends and relatives. Explain you decision and tell that you may consider having a family dinner after the elopement. 

– You may feel lonely. Sometimes people want others to congratulate them in person or see the beautiful event they’ve arranged. Elopement has no such option. If you are sure it is OK for you, then there is no problem at all.