Ways to Spice Things Up in Your Relationship

When people are in long-term relationships, they tend to fall into routines that get boring over time. This is especially the case for couples with kids since they have to split their attention between their children and their partners. If you want to reignite that flame between you and your better half, look for ways to create new experiences together. This article will show you practical steps to take if you’re looking to spice up your love life.  

1. Recount Your First Date

Recalling how your romance started is a great way to rekindle the fire in your relationship because it will bring back good memories. You and your partner can sit down together and talk about how your first date went. You can even list the things about the other person that caught your attention. It could be how your partner was staring at you the whole time, how they ordered food, the sound of their voice, or how they smelled; whatever it is, reminisce on that day together. 

Your partner will feel appreciated, seen, and valued to know that you remembered small details about them. If there’s a backstory surrounding your first meeting, you can share it with your partner. For instance, if you did a bit of research on the other person in the days leading to your first date, you can let them know what really caught your interest. This helps you to reaffirm your initial connection with each other and why you both fell in love.  

2. Dance to a Song That Is Special to You Both

Dancing allows people to communicate with each other in silence. This sort of communication is often honest, vulnerable, and authentic to our emotional states. It allows you to connect with your partner deeply, and since you have to be fully present during the process, your partner knows that they have your full attention.  

There might be a specific song that means something to you and your partner, maybe because it was played during your wedding or because you both danced to it during your first date. Play that song and create an opportunity to bond through dancing.

3. Practice Gratitude

Practicing thankfulness helps us live longer and healthier lives. For couples, it has a unique way of increasing attraction and improving intimacy. It’s a way of affirming that you don’t take each other for granted. 

There are so many things to thank your better half for. You can thank them for their ongoing support or positive outlook on life that makes you see things with optimism. You can also thank them for their parenting, love, or confidence in you. 

4. Change up Things in the Bedroom

If foreplay between you and your partner has become repetitive and you’ve been using only one or two sexual positions for a while, now might be a good time to change things. Consider mixing things up in the bedroom and experimenting with different positions or a different approach to foreplay.

You can occasionally try role plays if you’re comfortable with it or explore each other’s bodies with oils or sex toys like a remote vibrator. Once you’re both on the same page in terms of being open to experimentation, there’s no telling the height of pleasure that you’ll reach and the feeling of closeness that will follow.

5. Take Care of Yourself

When people don’t feel confident about their bodies, they tend to shy away from intimacy, even if they’ve been with their partners for years. If you’ve not had time for a workout and you’ve gained some weight, consider adopting a workout routine

This might be what you need in order to feel sexy and attractive again. If you want, get a pedicure or have your hair done at a salon, whatever makes you confident and comfortable. Of course, you’re doing all this for yourself, but your partner will likely notice and become even more attracted to you.    

6. Make an Effort to Learn More About Each Other

As we grow older, our likes, dislikes, and preferences may change. That’s why it’s crucial for people in a relationship to maintain open communication and consciously learn about each other. Working on your relationship in this manner can help boost your intimacy. If you’re one of those couples who have TVs in the bedroom, carve out time to talk or just spend time with each other before turning on the TV at night if you have a show to catch up with before bed.