Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Friends

Friends are the family you choose. For some, friends are the only family they have. The value of a good friend is such that many people report being more distraught at the loss of a genuine friendship than a blood relative.

True friends make life beautiful and worth living. You need to appreciate them more often. Take them out to dinner, buy them gifts, clear some of their bills, babysit their kids, and most importantly, always celebrate them.

Make wins and precious moments even better by sharing them with your friends in the following fun ways:

Gift them Fun Certificates.

A friend group has different people with different interests. One friend may enjoy sports, another may be obsessed with music, and another might enjoy tailoring or fashion. As a fun way to celebrate your friends who have different interests from you, gifting them fun certificates or a fake diploma in their area of interest for laughs will do the trick. You can also give them a certificate of friendship to reassure them of their place in your life. 

For added effect, you can host a mock valedictory ceremony with food, drinks, and other friends. The friends in question will feel more special and know that you care about them enough to celebrate their passions or hobbies.

Send them Gifts

Friendship is about giving. Gifts are one of the easiest ways to celebrate a loved one. Random gifts are great, but thoughtful ones are even cooler.

Say you notice a friend needs new cookware. You could grab some on your next visit and help them launch it by cooking dinner with them. You could also send lunch to that friend who works so hard at their job that they have no time for lunch.

One thoughtful gift idea is buying them something small they like but would never buy for themselves.

Thoughtful gifts – as well as random gifts – are great ways to celebrate your friends.

Plan a Special Day for Them

Appreciate and celebrate true friends with gestures such as a friendship date or a more elaborate activity like a trip. If they have a spouse or partner, get them involved in the planning, too. This will speak volumes to said friend about how you cherish the bond between you both.

The most important thing to note is that you should plan the day around what your friend likes, not what you both enjoy doing.

If your friend enjoys sports, get two (three, if they have a partner or spouse) tickets to see their favorite team or player. Most importantly, have fun with them. Your friendship will be stronger as a result.

Send them a Framed Memory.

Frame that fun moment between you and your friend and send it to them. It might not seem like a lot, but it would always be a reminder of a fun memory with you. This shows them that you cherish the times spent together.

Be There for Them

Friendship is about giving yourself, your time, and resources. When your friends are going through happy or sad moments, be available. Celebrate their wins and losses together. You do not need to be physically present all the time. You can share in their moments virtually. Making time for your friends shows how valuable they are to you. However, do not lose yourself in being available. Strike a balance to avoid getting stressed out. 

Reasons You Should Celebrate Friendships More

Friends are not a consolation prize. They are not there as a substitute for your family or spouse. They are your chosen family and a necessary part of your life. You should build and celebrate your friends for the following reasons.

They are your Greatest Asset

Family molds people, but people become finished products thanks to the friends they keep. If your friends have imparted values and knowledge which has helped you grow, you should celebrate them often. Even if they have not done anything noteworthy, their presence has helped you through it all. Celebrate them.

They are your Guards Against Loneliness

No one deserves to be lonely in life. True friends help to prevent this. As you navigate the murky waters of life, some things will force you back into your shell, no matter how strong your willpower is. Friends help to reinforce that willpower and are there for you to fall back on when it fails.

Good friends stay with you through thick and thin. Friendships improve your health, so do not let them fade away for lack of appreciation.  Those shared moments and inside jokes are not just fleeting. They are the glue that holds your friendships together. It is not just about the celebration but recognizing the people who make your life brighter. Because, to be honest, friends are not just an asset. They are the secret sauce that makes your life awesome.