What’s in Store for Gemini’s This Spring?

Spring is the season of new beginnings. It’s when hope springs from the dormant winter period and when lives can undergo profound transformations. Geminis are one of the signs that is strongly associated with spring and so, even though the year began with their ruling planet, Mercury, in retrograde, it won’t put a damper on the year’s potential. That potential begins to unfold in the spring. Psychic readings for Gemini discuss intriguing possibilities and new potential directions of growth this spring, both in the short and long term. 

Breaking Away From Undue Influences

On April 20, there will be a solar eclipse. For Geminis, this could be a seminal moment, signaling a sea change on the interpersonal front. With reflection, this could be the time to separate yourself from any people or situations that have been giving you cause for concern. Because these influences have been weighing on you for some time now, making a move like this can be a great relief. 

Finance & Career Moves

In late March, as spring really begins to take hold, Pluto enters into Aquarius. Geminis are advised to fasten their proverbial seatbelt because when this happens, they will feel a strong pull to expand their horizons. Another huge moment that will come this spring will be Pluto dipping into Aquarius, which is something that hasn’t happened since the 1700s. 

Pluto is the planet of transformation, so as it tears through Aquarius, which rules society, truly seismic adventures could be in store. When it comes to career and finance, life-altering changes could be right on your doorstep. Geminis will likely get a lot of offers and opportunities during this time, and are advised to weigh each carefully, because this could be a life-changing move that lasts for years to come.

Love & Relationships

One of the features of the Gemini zodiac sign is that they are intrigued and engaged by creating connections with the world. Being the social butterfly of the zodiac, this is doubly true in the relationship department. This spring, after spending the first few months of the year tending to self-care, friendships and work-related matters, Venus will enter your sign, making matters of the heart flow easier.

By the time Juno, the asteroid of commitment, comes into play in May, things could be heating up. This could mean entering into a powerful romantic relationship that burns short and sweet or entering into a new one that could last for years. 


Your birth chart is like a picture of the cosmos at the exact moment of your birth and it is one of the astrological elements that define who you are. Geminis, the third sign in the zodiac, is set to have an exciting year of transformation. Much of this will be in the social, love and relationship sectors although it could potentially be an epic year for career, finance and health. Visit a psychic today to learn more about the potential that this year holds for Geminis or for any sign of the zodiac and you’ll be able to plan with more important information for tomorrow.