Things to Consider When Looking for an RV Resort

Imagine yourself in St. George, Utah, a stunning area surrounded by natural beauty. The city blends a beautiful combination of the lovely land features of the Colorado Plateau and the Mojave Desert’s wildlife. 

The first stop for anyone who’s looking for an RV park in St. George, Utah, is to go straight to Google and type in “RV parks near me.” But here’s the catch: that search yields multiple results. Choosing one from the list can be difficult. This article offers help with that. It provides valuable guidance on what you should consider when choosing an RV resort. Read on to find out more.

Choosing the Right Location

When it comes to RV camping, where you park your RV is a big deal. After all, RV travel is about enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

Think about the kind of place you like. Do you prefer being near the beach in the mountains or close to a lively city? Research the destinations you plan to visit and pick RV parks that are close to the things you want to do.

Price and Amenities

According to the RVIA survey, a good chunk of RV travelers look at the cost when choosing an RV resort. Costs can fluctuate considerably, so it’s crucial to determine your budget and seek out RV parks with fees that match your budget. Additionally, take into account the amenities and services provided by the RV park.

Size of Sites and Getting In

When you book an RV park, make sure the sites are the right size for your RV and that you can get in easily. Check the length and width of the site and how you can drive in.

Some RV parks have sites where you can drive through, making parking simpler. Others have sites where you have to log in. Knowing the size of your RV and the type of site you need will help you avoid problems when you arrive.

Listen to Reviews and Advice

Before you book a spot, read what other RVers have to say and ask for advice from fellow travelers. Websites and apps made for RV travel and social media groups can tell you a lot about what other people have experienced. Pay attention to reviews that talk about things that are important to you, like how clean the place is, how nice the staff are, and what the RV park is like.

On-Site Activities

While exploring new places is a big part of RV adventures, RV parks also have their own activities and events. Many RV parks have fun activities like group trips, arts and crafts, and live shows. These activities are a great way to meet other travelers and make new friends.

Be sure to check whether the RV resort you’ve chosen has any activities related to your interests.

Pets Are Important

A lot of RVers travel with their pets. If you have pets, check the RV park’s rules about them. Some RV parks are pet-friendly. Others have rules about how many pets you can have and how big they can be.


Picking the right RV park is the most important part of planning a great RV trip. Consider your location, budget, park amenities, and pet rules. Checking reviews and getting advice from fellow RVers can guide you to the ideal spot. Once you find the perfect RV park, you’ll have a memorable journey with wonderful outdoor adventures.