5 benefits of Pilates which will be discovered when visiting a Northern Beaches physio

It can be extremely agonising and debilitating waking up with constant nagging pain in the area around the spine and lower back. Quite often those in agony have no idea how the issue has occurred. It can often be something as simple as sitting for too long in the same position at work without using the correct furniture.

Other times it might be an accident which has caused the condition or an injury when exercising or playing sport. Not only does such pain hurt physically, but it can also cause damage mentally if not finding a cure. Heading to see a chiropractor might be able to resolve the pain using the correct techniques, but for long term strength and to ensure the pain can be kept at bay it pays to check out Physio Northern Beaches where Pilates is provided as the form of rehabilitation. But why is Pilates increasingly popular? This article describes 5 of its main benefits.

  1. Pilates is used by those who are likely to do lots of stretching and bending such as dancers. Famous cricketers who stand for hours at a time in a crouched position have found that the exercise is of great benefit. It works the entire body while providing strength to core muscles so those that undergo the exercise are in full control of their body while they move. It offers relief and an understanding which can provide peace of mind.
  2. Tension in shoulder, back, and legs can be relieved of tension through stronger core muscles. This in turn offers an increased opportunity to develop better posture which in turn prevents muscle tension which can lead to pain. Those whose jobs involve sitting at a desk for long periods can benefit greatly. Perhaps they may also wish to boost their immune system through wellness tips.
  3. Pilates, like all forms of exercise, assists with burning off body fats. While it might be as prolific as an energetic workout in a gym, it still works for dedicated aficionados of the exercise, who will pick up the best ways of enjoying it to gain its fullest benefits when visiting a physio where professionals know the best techniques.
  4. A huge benefit of Pilates is that it can prevent further injury and can be used as a training exercise. Once the techniques have been taught and understood, they can be practised anywhere and be even added into a workout routine in the gym to gain an advantage on other athletes. Pain free boat fun and a picnic in a local park could be back on the agenda after exercising.
  5. Mindfulness and body awareness are increased through Pilates which offers a healthy body and mind. It allows those practising it to work within the limits of their body, while only requiring an exercise mat means that exercising outside the confines of a rehabilitation centre is inexpensive and hassle free.

Pilates is the perfect way to rehabilitate and prevent injuries occurring as core muscles are strengthened through the exercise.