5 Good Reasons to Buy a Used Car from a Dealership

We all know that buying a second-hand car is fraught with risk; anything can go wrong with the car once you have bought it, which is why you should always buy a used car from an established car dealership.

To expand on this, here are a few good reasons to always buy a used car from an established dealership.

1. Private sellers do not issue a warranty – Whenever you purchase a used car from a private seller, ‘sold as seen’ is the order of the day. This puts the buyer in an uncomfortable position; should anything go wrong with the car, it is your responsibility. If a car has a full service history and is in perfect condition, the chances are it will continue to be reliable, but do bear in mind that buying from a private seller offers you nothing in terms of warranty.

2. A solid guarantee – Unlike a private sale, when you buy from a car dealership in Port Macquarie, you have a fair warranty. An auto dealership has a reputation to uphold and they would never sell a vehicle without some form of warranty. Every single used car is put through a thorough examination prior to being put up for sale, so when you buy a used car from an established dealership, you have the backing of a solid warranty.

3. Great part exchange deals – Another good reason to buy your next vehicle from a dealership is the great deals to be had when you part-exchange your old car. Whatever the age and condition of your car, you will get more in part-exchange than you could ever hope to get with a regular sale. What happens to your old set of wheels when you trade it in? Typically, they will sell it to a local used car dealer that they have a working relationship with. Here is the ultimate guide to buying a car.

4. The dealership knows the vehicle’s history – An established auto dealership only sells used vehicles that they supplied from new. What usually happens is a customer buys a new car and a couple of years later, the customer returns the car and buys a new model. These are the cars that you find on the used forecourt of a car dealership, which is why they are happy to issue a good warranty.

5. Easy to set up a service – A large vehicle dealership has the resources to service your car at the required mileage intervals, plus they employ manufacturer-approved technicians who know what they are doing. Most dealerships also have loan cars for their customers, which is a free service that keeps you mobile while your car is serviced.

If you are looking to buy your first car, you could not choose a better place than your local car dealership, where you will find vehicles in great condition with full service history.  If you have just passed your driving test and you are ready to become a car owner, we hope you enjoy your newfound freedom and independence.