5 Types of Dreams To Pay Attention to and What Each Could Mean

Dreams can be confusing and uncomfortable at times, but they’re also a direct line into your subconscious mind. You don’t have to be a clairaudient psychic to listen to what your dreams are telling you. Here are five common dreams and what each could mean.

Dreams of Flying

Almost everyone, at some point or other, has looked into the sky and wished they could explore it themselves. In a flying dream, this fantasy of power and freedom becomes real. If you’ve learned how to fly in your dream, this can translate to new freedoms you’ve fought for in your waking life. It can also mean that you have boundless potential in the weeks to come.

Dreams of Being Chased

Dreams of something or someone chasing you point to unresolved anxiety in your subconscious. Being chased by a predator or hostile figure is among the most primal fears.

The entity chasing you is often a personal fear arising from your past or your sense of self, rather than a literal enemy. You may, in fact, be running from a part of yourself you’d rather not identify with or are even afraid of.

The act of running away from the figure in the dream can parallel how, in your waking life, you are running away from or avoiding a looming personal crisis. While this is a normal response, confronting your anxieties head-on may help relieve this upsetting dream type.

Dreams About Animals

Animals have always been recognized as potent symbols in dreams. Together with houses, they represent some of the most ancient and important symbols in the subconscious.

What does it mean if a bird flies in your house in a dream? That can depend on the type of bird. An owl may represent doom or wisdom, while a raven may represent a twist of fate in your future. Common birds such as doves or sparrows can mean that new and unpredictable energy is about to enter your home life.

Dreams About Pets

If the animal in your dream is a current pet, this may represent anxiety about your pet’s health. Dreaming about a pet who has passed away may represent happy memories and love persisting through grief, or to some dream interpreters, the pet may be trying to tell you something. Many people have peaceful dreams of recently-lost pets that inspire a sense of calm and tranquility about the Great Beyond.

Dreams of Teeth Falling Out

Losing teeth is an unsettling but ultimately common dream experience. These dreams usually point to feelings of vulnerability or personal inadequacy. Teeth are like anchors of the face, and the face is how the subconscious identifies a sense of self. Losing teeth can symbolize a falling away of the self and is another primal form of anxiety.

Always pay attention to the setting of your dreams to help frame what happens. Dreaming about being haunted in a childhood home can be very different from dreaming about a haunted house in general (especially after a few too many horror movies.) Interpret your dreams to grow closer to your subconscious self.