How to Use Mircari to Scale Up Your Personal Finances!

Things are financially tough for a lot of us right now, and the coming months for many more don’t look very promising either. Following 2 years of upheaval because of a pandemic and now inflation hitting us hard, it is time to mobilize and take action to scale up your finances. There is always money to be made and action which you can take, no matter how bleak things may appear. Today we are going to focus on one particular method by which you generate some more income, both now and going forward. 

Introducing Mercari, an online marketplace whereby you can buy and sell secondhand items. Naturally, we are going to focus here on the selling option rather than buying, and look at what this site is all about and how you can use it to maximize your sales. Let’s delve a little into the history of the company and then look at how you can generate income from selling items on the site. 

Mircari marketplace

Why and How Mircari Was Created 

The website Mircari was created by Heather Mercari back in 2016. Heather has gone on the record as to why she set up the C2C website, having been frustrated as a seller using other online auction sites. For Mircari it was the long bidding times, the difficulty when posting items, and the interface of the website which was the cause for her frustration. Through the creation of the Mircari online marketplace, she has put an end to these frustrating features. 

Benefits of Selling Using The Mercari App and Website

There are a number of reasons why so many prefer Mercari over other online auction sites, and the customer base has grown an incredible amount in recent years. One of the most attractive features of the site is that it works directly with shipping companies and convenience stores, which speeds up shipping and reduces costs. In 2019 the company launched its very own payment app which enables buyers and sellers to manage their purchases and invoicing in one handy space. Following this, in 2020, Mercari Shops was introduced which enables B2C selling as well as the original C2C model. Sellers can count on plenty of potential customers, space for all their products, easy account management, and customer service when using Mercari. 

How To Sell Items on Mercari 

Listing items on the marketplace can be done very easily via your smartphone. The website can still be used on a desktop but it is much more convenient and quick should you use your phone. Simply snap some photos of the product, give a brief description, add details regarding price and condition, and list away. Unlike online auction sites, Mircari has everything listed at a single price, customers either buy or not, and there is no bidding here. 

What Kind of Products To Sell on Mecari?

You may be sitting there thinking that this could be a great way to make some money, but that you have nothing to sell. The reality however is that there is no limit to the kinds of products that you can try to sell on this particular marketplace. In fact, sometimes the stranger a product is, the easier it is to sell. 

There are two ways in which to approach this. The first is to declutter your home and look for any items which are no longer needed. This could be anything from clothing, jewelry, kid’s toys, video games, old phones, and even cosmetics or kitchen appliances. Remember that you really can sell just about anything. Given that the listing cost is so low, there is nothing stopping you from trying to sell some items which you are unsure of. After all, if it doesn’t sell, you haven’t really lost anything. 

Importance of Being Business Like

Introducing Mercari Shops was a great idea as it provides customers of the marketplace with a great option to buy from stores without even leaving the site. This is also a very good option for businesses as they will be able to sell their wares to a broader market and find new customers. 

This business side of the site is the second approach that you could take to selling on Mercari. You will still be selling C2C, but you can look at this using more of a business mindset. Once you have exhausted the possibilities of stuff to sell at home, it is time to go out and invest in some more. The reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who don’t know about online marketplaces to sell goods. There are also many people who don’t want to give it time or energy. What many of these people will look to do is give stuff away or sell it all very cheaply in a yard sale. 

Yard Sale Hustle

Heading out each weekend to local yard sales is your best opportunity to scale up your finances during what is potentially going to be a difficult time financially. Your mindset here should be very simple, buy something for less than you can potentially sell it for. To get started head to a couple of local sales just to get an idea as to what is there. Using the Mercari app you’ll be able to see in real-time if there are similar items for sale, and for how much. This helps you to avoid buying items that aren’t worth very much. 

Commitment and Potential Results 

 As with any approach towards making money, the harder the work, the more you are likely to make. If you head out each weekend to yard sales or keep an eye out for free goods, there is nothing to say that you can’t make a couple of hundred extra dollars per month. Stay driven, stay committed and always try and drive the price down as low as you possibly can. 

Once you have collected the goods, use the brilliant Mircari smartphone app to list and describe your products, then sit back and watch that money roll in.