MMA Superstar Alex Pereira’s Net Worth 

MMA fighter Alex Pereira has really caused a storm since entering the UFC just 12 months ago. Pereira had already gained a name for himself in the world of kickboxing. The Brazilian was also discussed frequently in fight circles owing to the fact that he had beaten the then UFC champion Israel Adesanya twice during their time in Glory kickboxing. For many, it seemed inevitable that Pereira would make the jump to the UFC, although as the years wore on, it became less likely. Some 12 months ago, however, Pereira would make that UFC debut, and he won his first 4 fights convincingly. 

After those 4 fights, Pereira got his title shot and beat reigning champ Adesanya yet again, to become the middleweight champ. Let’s take a look at just how much the new champ is worth, and where he makes his money. 

what is Alex Pereira's Net Worth

Current Net Worth

As of 2022 it is estimated that Alex ‘Poatan’ Pereira has a net worth of $ 2 million. This may come as a surprise to anyone who knows about kickboxing, given that very few kickboxers make a great amount of money. The reason for Pereira having such a high net worth is undoubtedly because of his immense success in the ring. Now that he is the UFC champ, we can certainly expect to see Alex Pereira’s net worth multiply very quickly in the coming years.

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Fight Income 

If we focus on the last 12 months of earnings, we can break down how much the Brazilian has made since his time in the UFC. In his first fight Poatan was rumored to have made a cool $134,000, and that included his performance of the night bonus. In his third fight against Sean Strickland., Pereira further boosted his takings from fighting with the UFC, pocketing a cool $188,000. At UFC 281, the Brazilian faced Adesanya for the third time in his career, and after losing 3 of the first 4 rounds, found a way to finish the champion in the 5th round. Once you take into consideration PPV buys, his UFC contract, endorsements, and the performance of the night bonus, Pereira took home in the region of $250,000. In just 1 year in the octagon, he has made just under $750,000, boosting his net worth. 


There is no doubt that now he’s the champ, plenty of companies will be queuing up to have Pereira endorse their products, although no solid deals have been put in place just yet. As it stands, the only endorsement deals that Poatan has in place are for OWNIC and athleticBD, two brands that he regularly pushes and wears on his apparel. 

Away from the ring, Poatan likes to keep his private life just that, and therefore not much is known regarding any other investments he may have in assets or properties. Given that he stands to make some big money as champion, we can certainly expect to see him involved in more deals as the months, and his title defenses, roll on. Alex Pereira’s Net Worth should be skyrocketing now that he’s the champ, let’s see what he can do!