Serums, Moisturizers, and More: Key Products for Aging Skin

When we look at the photos of people living 100 years ago, we’ve probably noticed how they might seem older. Or do they? We can all agree that the advancement of technology and our understanding of how certain lifestyle choices and genetic predispositions can affect the way we look and appear physically. And, to answer the question, they might seem older to us but only because now we’re able to preserve our relatively young look with all the products available to keep us healthy and young. Plus, the times were more difficult and people didn’t have access to all the comforts we have now. And even nowadays, if you don’t take care of your skin, your diet, your lifestyle choices, and your sleep patterns you’ll feel and look older than you are. So, in the text below, we’ll share with you all there is to know about some key products you can use for your aging skin. 

Serums: Concentrated Elixirs for Targeted Treatment

Serums are lightweight, fast-absorbing liquids designed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients directly to the skin. Why the need for them? Our environment is changing quite a lot and the pollution we’ve been suffering is actually one of the main reasons. Being exposed to the Sun’s UV lights and the many free pathogens in the air, the microplastic in the food, and all the other pollutants makes it hard to build resilience. Plus, the lack of a proper and nutritious diet affects our skin and gut health, and skin serums are fast-absorbing minerals and vitamins that help the skin regenerate and rejuvenate at an accelerated pace. The same vitamins and minerals we’ve been taking for our overall health are the same we would use for our skin as well. For aging skin, serums with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and peptides are particularly beneficial. Vitamin C especially clears the skin as it’s a strong antioxidant. Other vitamins boost collagen production and as a result, your skin has more firmness and elasticity. 

Moisturizers: Essential Hydration and Barrier Protection

You’ve probably heard how drinking 8 glasses of water per day is needed for your metabolism to do its job and make sure you’re flushing out those toxins from your body daily. You’ve heard the term “staying hydrated” many times, over and over again and you’ve probably thought about how to properly hydrate your skin and make sure it stays nice and firm, with a lot of natural elasticity. The key is one word: moisturizers! Hydration and barrier protection are needed to keep your skin nice, young-looking, and glowing. A good moisturizer for aging skin should contain ingredients like ceramides, glycerin, and squalane. Ceramides usually have an active purpose, and prevent the loss of water by creating a protective barrier. Glycerin attracts water to the skin, ensuring it remains well-hydrated throughout the day. Last but not least, squalane, a lipid derived from olives, mimics the skin’s natural oils, providing deep moisture without feeling greasy. Its use in cosmetics has been gaining more and more momentum and it’s been a revolutionizing product. 

Sunscreen for Protection 

Sunscreen is one of the most effective methods to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the Sun. It’s an effective way to make sure your skin stays young-looking for years to come. Different SPF factors mean different levels of protection, as sunscreen can never block UV radiation completely, but with an SPF of 50, you’ll make sure your skin stays well-protected. Most sunscreens are based on minerals that effectively block UV lighting while creating a protective layer over the skin, to make sure you’re not receiving too much cellular damage. Of course, you’ll have to look for reliable brands, as not everyone is sourcing these materials the same. You might take a look at some Beauty of Joseon products or similar companies with an identical pedigree, offering their customers high-quality skincare protection and making sure you’re not exposed to the damaging effects of too much sunlight. You’ll stop the appearance of wrinkles and brown spots with the right routine. 

Exfoliants: Promoting Cell Turnover

Humans lose 200,000,000 skin cells every hour. Now take a second and try to really think about the number. We’re talking about 200,000 skin cells every hour. A staggering amount of dead skin cells make their way into our sheets and clothes and block our pores, making it hard for the skin to breathe properly. And this number is just the average sum and can vary. Now, you’ve probably heard of the term exfoliants, and the main purpose of this regular routine is to promote cell turnover, giving your skin the needed relief from all the accumulated dead cells and dirt that usually clogs and blocks the pores, making it harder for new skin to appear underneath. Both physical and chemical exfoliants can be used, but for aging skin, chemical exfoliants are generally preferred as they are less abrasive. Glycolic and lactic acids are excellent for gently dissolving dead skin cells, and making sure your skin is receiving the treatment it deserves. 

Eye Creams: Specialized Care for Delicate Areas

The area around our eyes is the part of the body that’s usually not taken care of properly, and it’s also the part of the body that’s thinner than anywhere else. Due to different factors, this area tends to be a bit more neglected and exposed, and often you’ll see crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles being normal and day-to-day things. The right approach to dealing with these issues is to use certain cosmetics rich in caffeine, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Caffeine mainly has one purpose and that’s to make sure blood is circulating more frequently, enhancing skin elasticity and reducing puffiness. Peptides boost collagen production, effectively treat dark circles, and make your eyes look younger. Of course, hyaluronic acid is the hydrating part of the whole story, giving your eyes the nourishment they deserve. 

Having a skincare routine is a habit, and it means you’ll need to make sure it becomes part of your daily routine and it’s nothing too burdensome to you. All these are effective ways to help your skin look younger and more elastic over the years. And if you take the right approach, you’ll see results in a few weeks, so take the before and after pictures and prepare for a surprise.