Some Great New Accessories For Your Car

We spend enough time in our cars that they almost count as an extra room of the house, a mobile space you own that can go almost anywhere. It’s a versatile room, you can sit in a comfy chair and listen to music or catch a view of the sunset depending on where you park, it’s a break room where you can enjoy coffee and a snack, and even a bedroom if you really need it to be! Considering all the possibilities the car offers, why not make it even more convenient and comfortable? Here are some of our favourite add-on accessories that can make your car a safer and more pleasant place!

Car Window Covers – The sun can be cruel as it beats down on your car windows in the heat of the day. When the temperatures rise and your car starts to turn into an oven, it’s time to deploy your handy car window covers to keep out the heat! Not only will they protect your interior upholstery and the people sitting on it from the sun’s harmful rays, but they will help save in fuel costs because you won’t have to crank up that air conditioner as much! You will have it made in the shade with your car window covers!

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – Are you tired of having to get down on the ground and fumble around with a gauge to check your tyre pressure? You won’t have to get dirty any more once you attach Bluetooth-enabled sensors to your tyres’ inlet valves! The sensors send a message to your smartphone if the tyres are in need of inflation so you can take it easy.

Car- Dehumidifier – Your car’s interior can be a very high humidity place as moisture accumulates, sometimes fogging the windows up so much you can barely make out the road, a dangerous situation to be sure! Installing a car-dehumidifier will eliminate excess moisture along with the unpleasant odours that come with it, making your car a comfortably dry and safe place to be!

Tracking and Safety Adapter – This ingenious automatic car adapter plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port, then syncs all the driving data to your smartphone so the app can let you know exactly why that check engine light is on, or if you need an oil chcange soon. Not only that, it will help you remember where you parked your car after a long shopping excursion!

Backup Camera – You probably have a dashboard camera installed by now, doesn’t everybody? The question is, do you have a backup camera? It’s the same idea but you place it in the back of your car to give you a better view of what you are backing into and what’s happening back there that the mirrors aren’t catching! Getting in and out of your parking place is so much easier now, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

The Australian Government has instituted some regulations regarding some types of vehicle accessories, check here for more information. We hope you enjoy your new improved car experience, happy driving!