Top 3 Fashion Trends for All Body Types

Instead of catering to and having a swath of inventory for specific body types, more and more retailers supply their stores with clothing for all shapes and sizes.

Here are three top fashion trends that embrace all body types, personalities, styles, and budgets.

1. Lingerie Sets and Body Stockings

These days, a matching set of bras and panties can be suited to all, as one garment does not attract attention over the other. Likewise, all body types can wear matching bra and panty sets because these sets do not draw attention to any one feature. 

A body stocking, a one-piece undergarment that covers the torso and legs and is usually made from sheer fabric, lace, or fishnet, also has the same advantage of not accentuating one body feature over another. So whatever body type you might be, you can pick from various lingerie and body stockings at Yandy while taking advantage of low prices and quality styles.

2. Vests

The versatile vest is complementary to curves. It can be worn for any occasion, fit any style, and, most importantly, won’t drain your bank account. Vests work for an inverted triangle, rectangular, pear, apple, and hourglass body types because the V-neck is just that versatile. Another great feature is the ability to cinch it in for a smaller waist appearance or a less boxy look. However, this clothing item can also hang open to emphasize or de-emphasize other features.

3. Midi Skirts

These skirts have lengths between the knee and ankle, which is excellent for women of all shapes and sizes. In particular, the length of midi skirts accentuates the thinnest part of the leg, giving the appearance that whoever is wearing it is taller and slimmer. 

Midi skirts work for the office or a social gathering and are also usually reasonably priced in various styles and colors. Another advantage is that you can pair them with many different tops, like crop tops and blouses, or shoes, including sneakers and boots.

No Matter the Body Type, You’ll Find Something Fashionable to Wear

These examples are genuinely fashionable trends that all body types can wear. However, note that other fashion trends deemed garments all body types can wear may have you complementing an outfit with another piece of clothing to diminish or exaggerate other body type features.

For example, if a person with an inverted triangle wears a baby tee or a crop top, which on its own may not be flattering for that body type, they can make it work by wearing cargo pants. This style de-emphasizes the top of the body while accentuating the bottom because of its many pockets and bagginess.

So now you can be comfortable wearing fashionable trends knowing that your body type, personality, style, or budget doesn’t have to keep you from doing so.