A Breakdown on How to Get Your Florida Realtor’s License Online

The property market down in the Sunshine State is booming. A lot of this is due to the high number of people migrating from other states to settle in Florida. This is good news for any realtor or prospective investor.

The opportunity also beckons to Florida residents who want to become realtors. But before you connect potential homeowners to their dream homes, you need a practicing license from FREC. The good news is that you don’t have to quit your job to attend classes. You can do everything online and get your license.

Below is a step-by-step breakdown for getting your Florida realtor’s license online.

Prerequisite Check

This is a crucial step that students often ignore. Skipping this step can set you up for failure later during the exam registration or license application stage. The first prerequisite is that you must be 18+ to enroll in the pre-licensing program.

You also require an SSN and proof of high school-level education. A diploma or high school equivalency exam certificate will suffice. The best thing about becoming a relator in FL is you don’t need state residency.

Finding the Best Online Course

Technology has opened up the online learning space. Many schools are offering online pre-licensing programs at decent prices. However, finding the best FREC-approved online program can be challenging.

Start by identifying your learning style and budget. Some schools offer basic study plans with downloadable short notes and recorded lecture videos. You can also find premium courses at RealEstateU, offering one-on-one instructor-led sessions and exam prep materials.

Read reviews and testimonials from other students to learn more about the school and its instructors.

Plan for Exam Success

The 63-hour pre-licensing program will give you a theoretical introduction to how FL’s property market works. You will learn about property law and practice, writing contracts, appraisal and financing, and fair housing ethics.

Exams can be tricky, so adequate preparation is needed. Consider purchasing exam preparation packages to help you revise for the test. You can also find quality materials such as practice exams online.

Exams, Fingerprints, and Licensure

After finishing the program, submit your license application to the DBPR. Before sending your application, make sure to have your fingerprints documented. You also need a certificate showing that you completed the pre-licensing program.

Once done, you can schedule your exams via the Pearson VUE website. Select a time and location you are convenient with to avoid last-minute rushes. Remember, fees involved in both processes are payable via your debit or credit card.

Find a Mentor

At this point, you deserve a pat on the back for your hard work and dedication. It is time to find a real estate broker to sponsor and mentor you. You must do this to activate your license and begin work as a relator in FL.

Take your time and find a competent brokerage firm. You want to gain as much experience as possible before you delve into a solo career or partnership later.