AI-Powered Scaling from Nvidia Enhances Older Game Graphics

As part of the Nvidia driver tool that is game-ready, it involves a device that allows the user to enhance the game’s graphics quality that runs on the graphics card. This tool is known as the Dynamic Super Resolution. According to Nvidia, this graphics tool permits your games to appear more clear at a resolution that is a lot higher than what is normally supported.

scaling old graphics with AI

The AI technology known as Dynamic Super Resolution is able to enhance the popular technology that they currently use. Basically, the original Dynamic Super Resolution was able to produce a game with high resolution that can be handled by the computer monitor. This allows the overall image to have a clear sharpness along with a lower performance amount that is due to the extra work the GPU is doing.

A good example of this is when you have a graphics card that uses 4K to run the games but with only a monitor that is 1440p. The AI will allow the clarity to be more enhanced. With the DLDSR, the capability will become better through the mixing in of some AI that also makes an image more enhanced. This look will then allow for more scaling while maintaining performance and obtaining improvements in image quality. The quality of the image is also thought to change as it would be with a high resolution with DSR and at a lower resolution with the use of DLDSR. The game Prey is a good example of this which saw the Digital Deluxe operating within a monitor that is 1080p and has 4x DSR running 108 FPS as the 2.25x DLDSR runs at 143 FPS. This only has a difference of two frames than what is running at 1080p.

Needless to say, you need to be wary of the results obtained because the example will surely be a great example. In reality, the results may differ with various games as far as the settings and FPS that need to run the DLDSR in order to achieve a clear appearance. However, when the game support is wider, you may be able to utilize other games that are older, however the use of the RTX card will still be needed.

As far as using AI, this is not Nvidia’s first go at using it for game performance and image enhancement. In fact, much praise has been obtained for the Super Sampling system that it incorporates. Regardless, the game needs to support this system, and unfortunately, the number of available games is very limited, although it is good to see that GOD of War works perfectly with it. 

As far as the competition is concerned, the closest is AMD, which made it known that they too have begun to enhance the performance of their own graphics among many games. The approach AMD instills is known as the Radeon Super Resolution. Although the methods used are different, the goals are the same in nature.

If you are in the market for the DLDSR from Nvidia, then your driver needs to be the latest version. Once it is, you can then access the control panel for Nvidia and choose the scaling that is right for you.