Are Koreans Addicted to Gambling? The Modern History of Korean Casino

In Korea, gambling is not an issue that is generally accepted. When tracing the history of gambling in the country, one will find traces of wagering forms embedded within. As a result, some insist that the nation’s perspective on the subject does not hold solid grounds. The country has a couple of brick-and-mortar locations in places like Incheon and Jeju Island, where foreigners can wager on casino games.

Their attitude towards puntering is largely acknowledged, and they do well to portray this via different mediums. Many of the Kdramas and Korean movies we watch show that the gambling culture is greatly frowned upon. Playing something as simple as the live blackjack casino can get citizens into trouble if caught. Even in these entertainment scenes, we see police officers and prosecutors raiding secret betting locations whenever they catch a whiff of it. Join us as we explore more on this subject.

The Gambling Scene in Korea

All the legal forms of betting are available in the country. From betting on esports like boat racing, horse racing, and cycling to lotteries, the options are quite interesting. However, casino gambling is not frowned upon. While some might find this hypocritical, this is how things are done in the country. Puntering is a punishable offence, and it can cost three years in prison. 

There is also a possibility of facing prosecution if you are found to gamble abroad as a citizen. Although it is not possible to charge them independently for this offence, they’ve got their way. They use it in tandem with other charges to secure a long-term sentence for offenders. According to a study by the Korean Center on Gambling Problems, the average Korean is two to three times more likely to suffer from addiction in comparison to other nationalities.

The Concept of Online Gambling

There are a couple of international providers that provide casino games to the casinos available on the soil of Korea. They are allowed to do this because they are not subjected to the laws that bind puntering in the country. These casino operations are responsible for immersive and engaging casino games like slots and other classic and modern catalogues of available pastimes. Usually, the themed slots centre on movies, music, and other forms of entertainment that the country is known for.

It is important to note that these casinos are categorized as tourist packages meant for international guests. Therefore, they have devised means to prevent citizens from connecting to these sites. Some of these measures include blocking connections of Korean IPs and causing their network to lag. However, many find a way to bypass this, by using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to hide their location and country of residence while at these online sites. Consequently, there are also illegal casino operators available in the country. They operate underground and face the possibility of jail time when caught.

Benefits of Gambling to the Country

Citizens are allowed to gamble on esports at a specific location, and that’s all. However, a couple of locations are available for foreigners to explore their betting tendencies. There are several benefits that the country gets from foreigners wagering at these physical casino locations. They include:

  • A boost in revenue. This is possible because gambling is a lucrative business that has offered many countries around the globe an additional source of income. 
  • It offers tons of job opportunities for citizens. Although nationals are not allowed to play in the casino, they are responsible for offering different services and catering to the needs of foreigners in these casinos.
  • The tax revenues from this industry are used to fund the part of the country’s economy that yields no returns. Therefore, it allows them to continue to run smoothly.

Considering these, opening the industry up to the citizens might be a good idea. However, its many vices are the core cause for concern. So, this might not happen anytime soon, as this time of change takes baby steps. Nevertheless, it continues to boost the country’s revenue via visitors who engage in these dealings.

Find an Alternative to Gambling

At this point, it is point-blank that betting on casino games is a no-no. Hence, you can take up other forms of entertainment, like watching Kdramas (Korean series), listening to K-pop, or watching movies. Koreans are popular for these things, so you won’t have a hard time getting immersed. You can still have so much fun and be entertained pending the time that the bill for legal gambling will be passed in the country.