Beyond Sandwiches: Exploring Diverse Menu Options for Corporate Events

What is the usual method of catering a corporate event? Depending on its size and importance, it may consist of something like giving John, the intern, the company credit card and telling him to run down to the local cafe and order a hundred sandwiches of various fillings. But what if there is another way? A way to match the significance of the occasion and tell those attending that your business means business? This post will take a look at some exciting options that you can implement during your next corporate affair that will titillate the tastebuds of all who attend.

Incorporate Local And Seasonal Ingredients

Nothing says “we are part of the local community” quite like including an extensive range of local ingredients that match the season you’re in. According to this Sydney Corporate Catering operation, only the finest ingredients will do, and in lots of cases, this could mean sourcing as much as possible directly from the local area you operate in. By opting to take this route, you will find your selections are much more up to par than if you were to simply jump down the supermarket and fill your trolly up with a plethora of stuff that originates from halfway around the globe. By going seasonal, you also ensure a freshness that can only come from choosing foods that have come from local farms according to the current season. 

Include Options For Dietary Restrictions

The larger your company is, the more likely it will be that you will have guests with various dietary requirements that must be fulfilled if you are to make a good impression. This can be tricky considering the sheer amount of nutritional restrictions that currently exist, but by facilitating the most common, you cover most instances. This might include gluten-free, dairy-free, and, of course, vegetarian and vegan options. Taking this approach shows that you care about the diversity of your guests and are pulling out all of the stops to make everyone feel welcome.

Try Out Different Ethnic Cuisines

The world is a diverse place, and as such, it includes a vast range of different foods that you can use to spice up your event. Instead of opting for a boring potato salad, why not go for a large pot of hummus replete with a delicious selection of roasted veggies and flatbreads? Instead of your average plate of raw vegetables, how about creating a delightful Mediterranean mezze platter with various tastes and textures? By going down this route, you can turn an average, humdrum event into a memorable moment that those in attendance will remember once they’ve gone.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Seafood

Lots of places are terrified of incorporating seafood into their options out of fear that those eating it will get sick. Although this is a valid, if not misplaced, fear, by taking the correct precautions and storing the seafood correctly, you will avoid any instance of food poisoning and delight your guests. Seafood is a fantastic way to add a sense of flair to proceedings, if only because of the utter variety you can incorporate. 

Because of the wide range of attendees and the attendant pressure to satisfy everyone, event catering is no picnic. But, by utilizing the ideas you’ve just read, you should get some inspiration to serve up thought-provoking yet delicious foods that go far beyond the traditional heap of soggy sandwiches.