The power of Facebook likes – Why they matter more than you think

Facebook is a perfect software built for entertainment and knowledge purposes. It keeps you connected to people, helps to share knowledge among people, and some other personal stuff. It has many advantages as we can learn about the social and personal details of our close ones and others. In 2009, Facebook added the feature to click like next to a social media post. Since then, everyone has been trying to figure out how to get more and more Facebook likes. The like button in your posts after posting content is known as Facebook likes. It reflects the number of people supporting your page, and they want to see more content from your page and want to connect with that page on online platforms. Liking a page means that the people enjoy watching the content, and they also might follow the page so that they get to see all your updates in their feed. It shows that the audiences support your page and want more content. It is the easiest way to show your agreement with the posts. 

Why are Likes so important? 

With almost 3 billion users worldwide and as the fourth most visited site globally, Facebook holds an essential role in any marketing strategy. Facebook serves as a metric to measure your success. Additionally, getting more likes helps you reach more people through Facebook’s algorithm.  

Likes help to crack the Facebook algorithm 

The Facebook algorithm is a pattern that ranks content across the platform. The algorithm decides what everyone sees and in what order they see it when they open Facebook. They call it ‘personalized ranking,’ as the name suggests. The algorithm arranges all the content for you to see the things you might be interested in. For example, if you have been searching for handicraft products, the algorithm will try to shortlist the businesses that sell handicraft products and show you according to their ranking. The algorithm ranks how many people saw the post and how many people liked it. So, the more like you get, the higher the algorithm ranks you, and the more people, potential customers, see your post. 

Facebook says the algorithm is likelier to engage the account that recently clicked the Facebook like button. Facebook states that the account that liked your post has 2.4 times engagement within 24 hours. It is a very good business strategy to engage with the account that has liked your post more and more within a short period so that they are constantly reminded and nudged about the product or service. It helps to convert potential customers to permanent clients.  

Likes help your content to go viral 

Likes help your content to go viral and increase your reach by making you famous. Whenever you post content on any Facebook page, it will appear to almost all fans of your page. If they like your content or find it inspirational and reshare it, once they reshare your content, everyone in their followers will see the content they have shared. Someone may even reshare their post to help you reach more people to your content; it all begins when they like your page. Through this resharing process, you will get more likes as you start to reach more people, and once you get ample likes, Facebook’s algorithm will make your content go viral. For example, if you have 100 fans and one of them has a hundred friends reshare your content, then even his hundred friends would eventually see your content and enhance your reach. So, it becomes like a pyramid scheme while people keep reaching your content and their friends get to see and know about your product or service. 

The like button on your page also helps you to increase traffic as each time a visitor clicks the button, information about your site is shared with their friends via news feed, which should result in more traffic. 

Likes serve as a modem of psychological feedback 

Likes work as a mode of affirmation! When someone likes your post, one can understand that the person likes your content or product. Thus, you can judge your product or your content rating on how many people saw it over how many people liked it. This way, you will get to know what particular products are the most liked or appreciated ones. 

Likes help you with marketing 

A like is an expression of casual affinity. A simple like on a Facebook post or page suggests that the person might be interested in your business or product and would like to hear from you. It helps to build personal relationships slowly and efficiently with customers. For example, if a person has liked your post, that means he knows about your business or your product, and you can directly send them a message reaching out to them about your product or service. In this way, you can personally engage with the potential client and establish a good customer relationship with them. 

Once an account has liked your page, they automatically get added to your fan base. Using this information and a messaging feature in the page’s administrative console, you can update your fans about your new ideas or services or even send them a brochure to reach out. So, it gets you data on potential customers you can use your email marketing skills on. You can even filter as per your location, gender, and age group of your audience. Sending an email occasionally to people who have shown a genuine interest in your business can help you convert them into clients. 


Other factors of the Facebook algorithm are less reliable than likes because anyone can see the post. Still, a like proves that the post has already influenced many audiences. That is why likes are the key to engaging your customers. It’s all about human nature; a person is likelier to buy a product with more likes than a product with fewer likes because more likes present the essence of more people believing and trusting the product. Once the customer feels safe about the product being good, he will buy it. This is how more likes and a sense of proof influence user engagement. 

Why do people like posts?  

The simple answer is to assert who they are! When you like anything on Facebook, it shows how you are. Liking posts on Facebook is just a positive reaction towards it and how you feel about it. If you like anything online, you publicly support that page or post and agree with whatever that post says. It is a message for people that this is how you are and feel. For example, there are a lot of posts and pages to support the LGBTQ community; people like their posts and pages to assert that they are in full support of that page and the LGBTQ community. When other people see that they are following and liking this page, it describes their character and what they stand for. 

To acknowledge the person or their business  

An acknowledgment is a statement expressing your feelings for appreciating some work or anything done by someone. Like, when a person likes your posts or your page on Facebook, that is known as an act of human acknowledgment or virtual acknowledgment. It is not always necessary that if you like anything, it’s out of affection or something; it can also be a way of portraying that you are acknowledging them by saying you are there to support them and their page. 

To get more posts from the same page or a different genre 

When people like your post on your page, they do it to trap the algorithm so that their feed gets filled with the content of the same page, the content of a similar page, or the same genre. In this way, they won’t have to keep returning to the same page to get that content; rather, Facebook will show them all the new content of the same kind in their feed. This is how liking a post or a page will affect your feed algorithm, as Facebook personalizes your feed to show you what you might be interested in. For example, if you see a motivational post and think it is nice, once you like it, Facebook will show you more posts on the same page or similar to know how you react within 24 hours. 

Wrapping up 

To conclude, Facebook likes are more important than you think to grow your business and your account, lifestyle, or content. Facebook algorithms calculate the efficiency of your post based on likes and promote the post accordingly to reach the targeted audience. FBPostLikes is another platform that helps you to grow on Facebook. Commonly, you will see that motivation sometimes comes from the number of Facebook likes you get over the platform. You will feel that people like what you are posting and get inspired to post more. They are genuine and skilled in their field. Try them for an immediate success!