The Top Tips When Keeping Your Drains Free & Unblocked In North Shore.

There is no doubt that only your owning property involves taking on an incredible amount of responsibility when it comes to maintenance. Some of the jobs are obvious and some are hidden and you have to address them quickly and efficiently if you want to protect the value and integrity of your property. If you run a very busy household where there are kids to take care of every single day and so there is a lot to be done. We very much take the facilities within our homes very much for granted and when we wash dishes at the sink, we expect the water to drain away quickly and the same applies in the shower tray. There will come a day however when the water doesn’t flow away and that usually indicates that you have an issue with your drains.

Thankfully blocked drains in North Shore is a typical and everyday thing that occurs in properties everywhere and so there are professionals available to you that can sort out the problem and get everything back to normal as soon as possible. Ideally, however, you want to be able to keep your drains free and unblocked so that you don’t have to call on these professionals so often and so the following are just some top tips to help you do that very thing.

  • Buy some sink strainers – These are such a simple and affordable device and yet many homes across Australia do not have any of them. You can find them in different materials like metal or silicone and their purpose is to catch all of the food and debris that would normally go down into your sink drain and cause blockages. This simple device catches everything before it makes its way down and that keeps your drainage pipes functioning.
  • Boil a pot of water – Obviously you need to be careful when doing such a thing when the pot of water comes to the boil, but carefully take it over to the sink and pour it down the drain. Many blockages are caused by fat and grease from food accumulating in the drain pipe, hardening and then blocking water from escaping. Usually a hot pot of water will help to melt all of this gunk and move it on.
  • Talk to the kids – Children are notorious for putting things in the drains that they really shouldn’t and there have been many plumbers that are found toys, stuffed animals and many other kitchen utensils in the toilet and down the sink. You might need to talk to some of the adults in your household as well when it comes to disposing of sanitary towels down the toilet.

These are three ways to ensure that your drains remain free-flowing for longer and there are other options to take as well. You need to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to good drain health and once you start noticing the water slowing down, that’s when you react.