Hi-Tech Devices to Make Industrial Life Easier & Safer

Industry is rapidly changing, with hi-tech gadgets and devices emerging to make the workplace a safer and more productive place. Accidents in the workplace have never been this low and we have health & safety along with tech advances to thank for this.

Manual Handling

It is oh so easy to injure yourself when moving objects, especially heavy ones; take a look inside a modern factory and you’ll see a wheelie bin lifter at every access point, plus they would have robotic arms that handle heavy items; the auto manufacturing sector is going fully robotic and a single technician can move an engine into place for installation. Custom solutions can revolutionise a small factory and over the next few years, all manufacturing plants will be fully automated.


Any human process can be replicated with today’s level of robotics, so it is quite easy to configure a production line that is robotic, which is managed by AI. Check out some of the auto manufacturing videos on YouTube to see examples of fully automated car building.

Overhead cranes

A state-of-the-art auto manufacturing plant would make full use of the ceiling area, with a network of tracking that transports componentsback and forth, boosting productivity and eliminating manual handling.

Stand-alone robots

Have you seen the latest versions from Boston Dynamics? The machine can do a backflip and a double somersault! In some ways, it is scary the level of balance and coordination that these machines have; it won’t be long before all manual handling will be done by robots.

Picking trollies

These are ideal for warehouse logistics; check out a wide range of materials handling equipment that you can find online, with picking trollies, wheelie bin carriers and pallet carts. The lowest prices can be found with a Google search and the equipment is of the highest quality.

Health & safety

Here in Australia, the state and federal government take safety in the workplace very seriously and any business that falls short can be fined heavily. Health & safety officials can access a work venue without warning the company and carry out a random inspection. If you are concerned about health & safety compliance, hire an independent HR agency to carry out an assessment and they can ensure complete compliance throughout.

Manual handling training

If you want to see your accident record improve, why not hire a third-party manual handling trainer? Their in-house team of experts would pay you a visit and assess your needs, then prepare a training course to educate your employees on safe manual handling techniques and practices. The classes would be delivered at your place of work at times suitable for you and this new knowledge will lead to fewer accidents.

With factories and warehouses going fully automated, industrial injuries will one day be a thing of the past.