The Top Ways To Remain Injury-Free When Taking Up a New Sport In Thailand

There is absolutely no doubt that exercise is incredibly good for both mind and body but if you haven’t taken part in any exercise routines in quite some time then you need to start slowly so that you can avoid any injuries. If you don’t follow this advice then you will end up creating a problem for yourself that may put back your training by many weeks or even months. It may put you off from continuing with your exercise routine altogether and that would be very bad news indeed. Obviously, you need to be using any protective equipment that might be needed in a particular sport that you have chosen and such things as helmets, mouth guards and the right kind of footwear are all incredibly important to keep you safe at all times.

If your sport is tennis or baseball for example, then many people suffer from issues with their elbows and so some might need tendonitis elbow treatment if they don’t do proper warm-ups and don’t do the required stretching. Doing the same thing continuously over and over again leads to problems with your joints including your elbows and knees. Before you start any new exercise routine, make sure that you talk to your medical practitioner and if they give you the all-clear then the following are just some of the top ways to keep yourself injury-free when taking up a new sport.

  • Create a plan – You do this every day for your job and so it makes perfect sense that you want to create some kind of plan for your new fitness routine. You need to make sure that there is cardiovascular exercise in there as well as weight training and stretching. If you follow your routine every single day then this will reduce your chances of experiencing any injuries at all.
  • Don’t exercise every single day – Your body needs time to recover from the hard work that you have put it through and so do alternating days when you carry out different exercises that will be good for your heart and lungs and for muscle strength. As you start to get stronger, you might want to think about increasing the intensity over time as this will give you better results.
  • Do a proper cool down – Many people know that the warm-up is important when it comes to doing exercise even on vacation but many don’t do a cool-down period. Your body needs time to cool itself down and especially so with your heart and so if your warm-up consists of five minutes of stretching and doing light exercises, then your cool-down should consist of 10 minutes and not less.

Be sure to properly hydrate yourself and drink more liquids as you live in a hot country during your exercise routines. The last thing that you want is to be experiencing dehydration which will lead to muscle cramps and light head.