Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2024

Digital marketing trends are always evolving and before you even notice it, a new marketing trend will be on its way. All marketers wish there was a way to time travel and fast forward to the new trends and learn what is new in digital marketing. Since we are all used to preparing well in advance, we have to learn to identify trends to understand how the new year will look like. While some trends will continue to dominate, some new ones could emerge. Let’s take a ride in the future and check out the latest marketing trends of 2024.

Voice Search

While voice search has been around for a while, we will see it grow in prominence. Studies have shown that over 50% of teenagers use voice search daily and it will help gain traction in the coming years. We have used this feature at least sometime in the past. It has been in existence since 2014 and has only grown in popularity. Even smart speakers have gained popularity and are owned by over 20% of households. Google has seen a surge in voice search and has a high accuracy rate. This has also led to an improvement in search results. Over 50% of the total purchases in 2024 will be made using voice search. This is where digital marketers need to keep an eye on. The market is huge and there is an untapped potential. Make your website suitable for voice search, and you will drive higher traffic. 

Programmatic advertising 

You can acquire digital advertisements through programmatic ad buying. There is another automated buying process that will use machines and algorithms to buy ads instead of humans. You can target the intended customers through AI-assisted programmatic advertising. If you look at the bigger picture, you will notice high conversion rates and cheaper client acquisition costs through automation. You can also buy and sell ads on a case-by-case basis through bidding, which is another programmatic ad-buying technique that offers high precision. 

Augmented Reality 

One of the most promising digital marketing trends is augmented reality and it has gained immense popularity in the past few years. It is predicted that AR will outpace virtual reality in the years to come. Some of the biggest organizations already use Augmented reality and help customers make the right shopping choices. IKEA has been using it since 2017 where they enable a customer to see how the furniture would look and fit in their homes before they make the purchase. Several other brands are investing in AR to offer unique experiences to customers. 

Personalized email marketing

Automated email marketing is where you send emails to the customers regularly based on specific triggers or timetables. When it comes to the latest digital marketing trends, email is always considered to be trustworthy but it should be personalized. The experts at, a renowned digital marketing agency state, “The majority of customers are not replying to promotional emails, but there are higher chances of them opening and reading an email when it is personalized. It is a great way to get their attention and build an engaged customer base.”

Use of chatbots 

Chatbots have been around for a while, but marketers are capitalizing on the trend. There are Artificial Intelligence-driven chatbots that can give a personalized experience to the customers and clients. These chatbots can handle any query with analytics and can anticipate the needs of the customers to guide them in the right direction. Such experiences go a long way in helping brands position themselves at the top. Another use of chatbot is on social media. They interact with the customer and ensure that they have a superior experience. 

Targeted marketing

While targeted marketing is not a new concept, it is here to stay and will rule throughout 2024. Brands will have to put in the effort to personalize the marketing content, and the success of a campaign will depend on how well they know the audience. Brands have a lot of data, and with each interaction they make they gather new information. Many intelligence tools help make sense of the data. Such insights can help customize campaigns and marketing efforts for customers. Personalization is the way to go ahead, and it is one trend to watch out for. It will not only help the brand build stronger and create lasting relationships with customers but will also help retain the customers. 

Whether it is targeting a specific audience or making product recommendations, personalization is the key. The world of marketing is always growing, and the trends are ever-changing. To remain at the top, brands need to ensure that they offer personalized recommendations to the customers. Using the right technology will make all the difference to the brand and its success story.